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Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee – some information on how to organise a street party!

We are often asked to advise on what events actually require legally, and here are a few tips if you are organising a street party get together. Whilst we tend to deal in much larger events, we are happy to offer some advice to those who have adopted the role of organiser for the important, community based events in 2012.

What is the difference between a get together with the neighbours and other public events?



For residents/neighbours only

Anyone may attend

Publicity only to residents

External publicity (via newspapers, etc)

In a quiet residential street or road

In buildings, parks etc


Professional/skilled organisers

Normally no insurance

Insurance needed

No formal risk assessment required

Risk assessment commonly carried out

No licences normally necessary if music

Licenses usually required is incidental and no selling is involved


If you need further advice, two useful sites are Streets Alive and The Big Lunch who have great websites to help you plan ( and ). You can also use DirectGov to access local information and contact details for more advice (enter your postcode at: Find out how to hold a street party).

You should not need a risk assessment – just the common sense precautions you take in your own daily life should suffice.

It’s all about having fun. 


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